What is MOOC

MOOC, short for massive open online course, is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. Typically, it has two features, X and C. X: focus on scalability. C: focus on community and connections. Recent years, MOOC has developed a lot and cultivated several wellknown platforms. The global top three is Coursera, edX and Udacity. In China, Tsinghua university extends edX, and build a Chinese platform beyond edX called xuetangx. All of these platforms, no matter it’s commercial or non-profit, they already have their own community, but these communities don’t connect to each other.

Why write “MOOC Notes”

As mentioned before, sub communities don’t connect together, but they should be. Actually, different MOOC platform normally provides different level stuff. Taking data science as an example, many courses on Coursera and edX is just introduction level. On Udacity, many courses are for hunting jobs just like AP courses for technology company. “MOOC Notes” is designed to break platform sub-net, focusing on the intrinsic value of courses and the knowledge.

Another reason is that some courses is really fundamental, even a good tutorial would cover the whole stuff of the lecture videos. “MOOC Notes” could select the most valuable courses to save your time and collect other materials to help you understand the courses better.

How to contribute

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