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Twitter Engagement

What kinds of factors influence Twitter engagement?

Why analysis Twitter engagement?

Nowadays, social network isn’t only social communication. It’s also a commerce network that many business people warm their golden eggs on it. Personally speaking, I prefer these social network with eye-catching content, like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram. And sometimes I’m really impressed with some excellent Ads on them. Here we do a simple data visualization, comparing with Facebook to demonstrate why twitter engagement is worthwhile for business.

All data from G2 Crowd, using fellow python code to draw the radar chart.

import pygal
radar_chart = pygal.Radar()
radar_chart.title = 'Facebook VS Twitter in Business Factor'
radar_chart.title_font_size = 24
radar_chart.label_font_size = 18
radar_chart.value_font_size = 12
radar_chart.legend_box_size = 18
radar_chart.x_labels = ['User Satisfaction', 'User Adoption', \
	'Avg. Year of Implementation', 'Social Marketing']
radar_chart.add('Facebook', [6.7 / 10, 0.32, 1149.0 / 1149, 5.8 / 10])
radar_chart.add('Twitter', [5.9 / 10, 0.21, 592.0 / 1149, 5.9 / 10])
svg = radar_chart.render()
file = open('fb-twitter.svg', 'w')

Obviously, Facebook, in this facet, is much better than Twitter. However, if you deeply analysis the social marketing factor. Manually modify the data assignment section of the above python code, I get the follow social marketing radar chart.

The above radar chart shows that Twitter performs better in social engagement, social campaigns and social sharing than Facebook. Notably, all of these three are mainly decided by Twitter users. On the contrary, social analytics and Ads are platform technology issues. To a certain degree, Twitter users are more active and are more likely to be promoted than Facebook users. That’s why I prefer analysis Twitter engagement, not Facebook engagement.

What kinds of factors affect twitter engagement?

In facet, many companies have already used twitter engagement features to hatch startup companies and made money. Twitter have officially certified several such companies on Twitter’s Certified Products Program. Among them, the most widespread are Hootsuite, Nielsen, and SocialBro. (P.S. some insiders told me, may not right:-)) They all have their own special solutions for social marketing. But some are business secrets, they don’t show how the analysis the factors. When one door shuts another opens. SocialBro discloses some information or regular phenomenon on social networks, so I don’t need to daydreaming anywhere without largely real data analysis.

Generally speaking there are always fellow factors to be considered:

  • The author’s influencers, like his or her influence followers and famous followers.
  • The author’s Twitter community.
  • The author’s supporters.
  • The tweet time.
  • The author’s influence on Twitter.
  • The tweet content.

In later blogs, I will analysis them in details.