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Be proud, show them

Motivation from Dr. Keith

"Be proud, show them!" Dr. Keith

Before we started our journey to iGEM giant jamboree, Dr. Keith listened our presentation and provided suggestions. Dr. Keith is very impressive! He used to teach in Cambridge University, but now as one of top 1000 people in China, teaching in UESTC. Really an expert in neurology. For 2014 iGEM tour, we designed a tool CRISPR-X, which helps users find sgRNAs with high specificity and efficacy. That’s very significant because the revolutionary genome editing technology highly depends on it. However, our presentation is poor. I’m confident, full of passion on the stage. But this is a group scientific presentation. My pattern isn’t very good at presentation. Some are poor at pronunciation. Some are too nervous to eye-contract with audiences.

During the almost 3 hours guide, Dr. Keith provided many good suggestions in a native perspective. Some suggestions are very detailed. However, the most excitement thing is his last motivation. He said, “__For judges, they know you are not good at English as natives, but they know your science is good. So be proud! Show them!” My whole passion almost fired up by this! Yes, be proud! Show them! That’s what I need to do in Boston, the first city of US. In there, I’ll begin my first American trip in my life. It must be impressive and unforgettable!