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Significant events in my life (Updated at 2017.1.1)

  • tsinghua

    Aug 2016-now


    Pursuing master degree in Tsinghua University interested in machine learning, deep leaning, computer vision and healthcare.

  • icekredit

    Feb 2016

    Icekredit intern

    Do internship in icekredit, focusing on CAPTCHA image recognization for crawler system.

  • Feb 2015

    Intel tech intern

    Begin to intern in Intel Shanghai. In large Shanghai, enjoy my little life, cooking, hiking, running to office...

  • Nov 2014

    Boston, landing US firstly!

    iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston, traveled in MFA, MIT, Harvard, went shopping in Prudential Center, Quincy Market... Also, feeling great fussy while ording food in US restaurant...

  • May 2014

    "Dragon" Volunteer

    During the Dragon Programme 3rd Mid-term Symposium, act as a volunteer to help Europe experts. Make friends with a charming sister.

  • Otc 2013

    HongKong iGEM Asia Jamboree

    First join such full english event, challenging but fun. BTW, HK is charming, live CES!

  • May 2013

    Begin my iGEM Journey

    iGEM, a synthetic biology competition, for me a cross-discipline work, fresh air in my university life.

  • Sep 2012

    Rebirth in UESTC

    Books, physics olympic competition question bank filled my three years life in high school. However, I rebirthed in UESTC, seeing the world in different way!

  • I Want to Do Something,